Showing Support

Showing support during the pandemic

I have some friends and acquaintances who work in the medical field in some capacity. Some of them are working in COVID19 wards and caring for desperately ill patients. There’s not much I can do for them, but I’m trying to show support. The t-shirt above is being sold by my favorite book-themed merchandise businesses, If you’ve never looked through their stock, it’s work a look. From the web page:

100% of profits from this Mo Willems – Take Heart unisex ringer t-shirt will be donated to World Central Kitchen and their #CHEFSFORAMERICA relief effort. WCK is working across America to safely deliver fresh meals, put restaurants back to work, and feed frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please consider supporting them, if you’re able. They’re all working really hard to keep us healthy and minimize deaths during this pandemic. It’s also important to know that run-of-the-mill accidents and illness haven’t stopped either. Our doctor’s, nurses, and all medical personnel are working hard to keep up with all the demand… and it’s exhausting work.

I’ve also been printing out ear-loop extenders to help medical staff. They’re flexible and easy to use for people who have to wear masks for long periods of time. There are a few other 3D printer projects that I’m looking at printing that can help people who are making cloth masks. The 3D printer/modeling community has been great about getting these things out and giving tips for successful printing.

Tomorrow is game night with the Gang. We’re going to do it via Google Meet with a pretty good sized group of people. We’re going to chat a bit, catch up, and then play some online games together. It’s been a good time and I’m so grateful for this chance to support my friends and be supported with their smiles and laughter. It’s made a big difference to my mental health.

I think the best way to support our medical personnel and our community is to respect the Stay Home, Stay Safe order. Moving forward, we need to be better about wearing masks, hand hygiene, covering our sneezes and coughs, and just staying home when we’re sick. This pandemic won’t be over tomorrow, but we can certainly shorten its duration together if we act appropriately.