I set up this blog so I’d have a place to keep track of random thoughts, things I think are cool/interesting, and have a spot on the internet that is just my own.

A Short Introduction

I’m a Librarian. Private person. Life-long learner. Tech geek who values technology as a means to accomplishing something useful, preferably without selling your soul.

Where You Can Find Me Online

  • Vero – A Facebook-like social media app without all the evil. What drew me here is their Values page. Check out their privacy policy and EULA and you’ll see just how different they are from what you’re used to from Facebook or Twitter. This is where I post stuff I would normally share on those more toxic social networks… usually when I’m on the go. Tell me if you’d like an invitation or want to connect.
  • Google Reviews – I love helping people find stuff. It’s kinda what I do for a living. You’ll see me leave a lot of reviews online.
  • Goodreads – This is my favorite place on the web for connecting with other readers. I hope it’s yours too.
  • Reddit – I follow several good subreddits. Please share some of yours.

Contact Me Here